Ribbon Blenders

Ribbon blenders are widely used in industry because they are incredibly good at blending all sorts of different materials. Their reputation is based on being able to mix huge volumes of ingredients consistently over multiple uses.

What is a ribbon blender?

A ribbon blender is basically a U-shaped trough which houses the ribbons. There are usually two ribbons in the form of a helix. One which moves the ingredients in one direction and the second moves them in the other. It is this moving of ingredients in two directions simultaneously that makes ribbon blenders so good at their job.

Industrial blending

Ribbon blending is not something you need at home. These blenders are industrial in size and in capacity.

Applications for a ribbon blender where manufacturers need to blend large volumes of dry solids, or the bulk mixing of drugs or chemicals. Another application is where large quantities of dry solids need to be blended with a lubricant.

What that really means

Ribbon blenders are used in the making of pet foods, fertilizers, cosmetics, bird seed and list of other products from laundry detergents to spice blends. Basically, they’re for anything that is mixed in large quantities in an industrial setting.

ribbon blenders

Selecting the right one

Not surprisingly choosing a ribbon blender is an important task, and the right blender depends on the job. Blenders are used in food production and the taste, texture, color and appearance of the final product depend on their being blended properly. But also it has to have the same result over time and not just for the single batch.

The producers of ribbon blenders are the only people who can help work out what is the right blender for the job in hand. It is a complicated business that involves the interplay between lots of factors.